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If you are already using RSS you can add our Home Entrepreneursí News Feed easily by copying and posting our RSS URL into your feed reader:

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Don't know what I'm talking about? See below for details on why RSS is the hottest technology on the Internet that allows you to get Home Business News immediately.

What is RSS? Itís name is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Itís the best way to get fresh information you want delivered to you directly.

What about email? Email has been a great way to get information to people but over the last few years, people are becoming overwhelmed with it. Sometimes, spam filters block email...even email you have requested such as newsletters. Because RSS is instantaneous itís a time saver. The information is sent immediately to you in a condensed format with a link if you want complete details.

Why should you join the Home Entrepreneursí News RSS feed? If you are looking for up to the minute Money-Making Ideas and Home Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, you will want to make the effort. I will be posting new material frequently. If you want to be on the cutting edge it would be a good idea to stay informed Ė by way of Home Entrepreneursí News.

How does it work? To get Home Entrepreneursí News RSS feed you will need a "Feed reader". There are many feed readers available. I will recommend two just for simplicity sake. The best option (in my opinion) is FeedReader. This is a free downloadable software that will read Home Entrepreneursí News RSS (or any other RSS) that you want to read. Imagine having new business ideas or home business reviews on your desktop the minute I load them? To set up FeedReader, simply download and install the program (at Feedreader click the link near the top that says "Download latest version). Click on the Feedreader icon on your desktop which will open an icon on the bottom toolbar on your computer. Click on the icon on your bottom toolbar to open the reader. Click on, "New Feed" and paste the following URL into the box:

That' sums it up. You will see the Home Entrepreneursí News RSS feed and any current news and Home Business information I have posted. Simply click on the info you want such as "Featured Business" to find out what new Home Business has been posted. The reader will give you a summary of what was posted. Click the "Read on" to get full details.

If you have a MAC you can get a free feed reader at NetNewsWire. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free version.

Act Now. RSS will help eliminate email overload and get you the Home Business information you want fast! Get started now!


Just add this URL to your feed: and you will be up and running.



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